1) Is it possible to rent a bus without a driver?

No. The existing laws do not allow this type of vehicle rented to individuals. In addition, our staff has extensive experience whichensures a smooth ride and secure.

2) Have buses passengers' insurance?

Buses have compulsory travel insurance to cover damage thatpassengers might suffer in the vehicle.

3) Do buses take built-in safety belts in every seat?

Yes, all our fleet vehicles have seat belts, and other measures that will ensure a safe trip.

4) Do children pay the ticket?

All children have to pay your ticket, but children under 4 years pay 50% of the ticket price and are entitled to a seat.

5) I can rise to a bus transporting a child in his baby's chair opened?

As long as the occupation and type of bus permits to place the chairin a place that the rest of the travelers will cause minimal disturbanceand risk excluding or tandem double seats.

6) Are you allowed to eat, drink or smoke during travel?

For hygiene reasons, you should not eat or drink inside the bus. Alsosmoking is prohibited inside the bus according to Law 28/2005 of 26December (BOE 27 December).

7) What luggage is permitted to take on board the bus?

The passenger may carry in the cabin of passengers, parcels andpackages by shape, size and smell, do not disturb other users and can be placed in the space above the seat they occupy. Each traveler is entitled to free transport of 20 kilos of luggage, which may reach up to 50 kilos, on payment of the excess over that exemption, provided that such excess can be carried within the limits set by the totalallowable load the vehicle. No admission is required for any piece of baggage weighing more than 50 kilos or volume in excess of half a cubic meter.

8) What to do if you forget or lose something in the bus?

If objects or lost luggage on buses, the first step is to call theCustomer Service Office by phone 923 22 62 02 and to maximize information on the course where you’ve lost origin, destination, timetravel, etc … as well as its characteristics. Since that time, runs theprotocol for these cases, trying to find the lost object. If the object islocated, we will contact the customer to find the quickest and easiestway to deliver it.

9) What pets can ride the bus?

Under current legislation, any pet can enter the passenger compartment reserved for passengers on a bus. Can only travel intheir cage for transport in the trunk. The only exceptions are guide dogs for the blind, who can travel with other travelers.

10) Can I transport my bicycle in the bus?

Bicycles are considered hand luggage and to transport passengers,must be dismantled and packed properly to avoid any damage toother luggage and your own bike. Bicycle transportation is free.

11) Where must I go to obtain information about the service that they give?

On this website you will find all necessary information, but if you needmore information on any topic or to clarify any questions, please sendyour comment using the Contact Form, or contact us directly by phone923 22 62 02. It will be a pleasure to serve .

12) To whom must I go to formulate a complaint, a claim, or a suggestion?

In all seasons and in all company vehicles, there are books of complaints and suggestion forms available to users. In these leavesmay explain the complaints from his status as long as travelers by presenting the valid ticket. You can also make them in this website in the surveys and reviews section, where you have any questions,suggestions or complaints. You can also take your claim by mailaddressed to:

Atención al Cliente
C/ Los Robles 16
37184 Villares de la Reina