sanalon-nuestra-flotaAUTOCARES SANALON BUS is a family business engaged in transporting passengers by road, which has grown steadily since its inception, to be placed in its own right, in a prominent place in the transportation of passengers. We are backed by years of experience, and our favor is the satisfaction of countless clients, who all along have invested and continue to do so by us. Putting our hands on the satisfaction of your trip.

In our priority AUTOCARES SANALON exceed the expectations of our customers by offering a service that is TIMELY, SECURE, COMFORTABLE AND DEAL WITH PERSONAL AND HUMAN.

From its founding until today we have continued to expand and renovate the fleet of buses to be able to offer our customers the best service. Currently we have a modern fleet consisting of next-generation units, equipped with the technology required by the European Economic Community, safety and environmental preservation.


Creating good memories…

The main objective of AUTOCARES SANALON is discretionary tourist transport and road passenger. We specialize in organizing and advising our clients any kind of travel or trip to Spain or abroad. And as our reason for being is to satisfy the demands of our customers, we adapt to the requests of the same. In this way, we offer services to individuals, associations, sports groups, schools, businesses, etc.

COACHES SANALON is formed by a team of young people, but with proven experience. Our highly qualified, with a fleet of buses next generation offers a wide range of services with the best value – market price.

Another key aspect of our business is thorough knowledge of European legislation on transport, so our fleet of coaches meet EU and national laws for the benefit of user rights, while we are aware of our legal obligations to our customers.